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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a brand new world we're making better here at EthTrust. It usually involves us asking the hard questions that traditional fintech can't answer. Or won't. Having said that...

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When will EthTrust be available?

We're still in double-secret startup mode, but that's because we're doing things right for the regulators, the humans, and the ones and zeros as well. Compliance, transparency, security and consistency are our top priorities for now.

Do you have plans for non-profits?

That's a pretty good question, and one that aligns with many of our core values. The ability to provide a financial protocol that might do more good than harm is in our sights. Stay tuned.

What is the platform encryption standard?

Better than "Banking-Grade Encryption" – which means we're raising the bar in every way. Our approach to observer-based authentication, validation and assertion of trust will add many more dimensions beyond the current cryptographic approach of just making more math problems to solve.

How do you keep funds safe?

See above. Although you shouldn't just take our word for it. Once we're green-lighted by all the required regulatory, bonding and oversight authorities, we'll display and maintain all the certification and registration details per our legal requirements.

Are there any account limits?

Our initial rollout strategy will service various financial institutions, corporate treasuries and cash-management operations. Each industry served, their particular regulatory dynamics, and the associated geopolitical factors will govern those figures.